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Count on Weston’s Farm Repair in Lyons, Nebraska, to provide you with cutting-edge farming equipment. We are dealers of

Pottinger, Bale King Processors, Kosch, and Dyna-Cure advanced hay conditioner.

Forage Equipment 

and Products


Top Forage Equipment Picks

Pottinger was first established 150 years ago in Austria. Throughout the decades, Pottinger's quality products have allowed them to expand around the globe. While they have a rich heritage, their products are equipped to take on the many challenges presented by the future.

Living by their motto, “Honour the past – be the future,” we are focused on selling the mower, rake, and tedder lines of Pottinger. All other equipment options can be ordered and serviced with parts provided. 

Bridgeview Manufacturing has been building top-quality and innovative farm equipment for more than 35 years. We feature Bale King Processors alongside other top-quality equipment built by Bridgeview Manufacturing, including:

  • Bale King Rakes
  • Bridgeview Mfg. Pulldozers
  • Bridgeview Mfg. Scraper Pans

Kosch Company is a hay equipment manufacturer in Columbus, Nebraska, producing sickle mowers since 1947. The company continues to manufacture various styles of sickle mowers and bale retrievers engineered for performance, manufactured to last, and priced for increased profits.

DYNA-CURE Advanced Hay Conditioner

DYNA-CURE hay conditioner is designed to improve the quality and manageability of hay forages. High quality hay produced with DYNA-CURE results in improved palatability, digestibility, and overall feed value. 

Don't have an applicator currently installed on your windrower? No worries! We not only install applicators but also deal new ones and provide customized brackets if needed.

Maintains Forage Quality

  • Reduces Leaf Shatter
  • Reduces Respiration Losses
  • Accelerates Curing Process
  • Improves Dry Matter Recovery

Manage Your Crop

  • Easy to apply at the swather
  • Less Leaf shatter lets you rake longer
  • Softer hay lets you bale longer
  • Captures additional tonnage
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Use
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