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New Inventory

We’ve got new equipment on the lot! 

To learn about these new additions, contact Weston’s Farm Repair in Lyons, Nebraska.


Vermeer Round Baler – 605N Select

Boasting durable, heavy-duty components and the ability to perform at a high capacity, this baler works hard to help you run smoothly and efficiently. The dual-stage bale chamber offers increased starting speeds, tighter, more receptive bale starting and smoother, more trouble-free starts.  This particular inventory item comes equipped with work lights and a fire extinguisher. Smart features like the auto lube greasing system help extend machine life

The color touchscreen E-Link Pro display monitor is ISOBUS-compatible and offers enhanced usability, such as easily accessible moisture sensors. The monitor also comes with the ability to keep track of information for up to 20 customers, with up to 10 fields per customer, electronically. Additionally, the E-Link Pro display provides operators with feedback on the auto lube greasing system and the pickup clutch control right in the tractor cab.

This 605N Select comes with a user-friendly and durable pickup clutch that automatically stops the pickup when desired bale size is reached lessening inadvertent overfill of the bale chamber and protecting the rollers, bearings, and belts. Toolless gauge wheels make adjusting the pickup height easy!

For more information check out the 605N here or contact Weston at (402) 340-6594.

605N Round Baler

Working Footage


Vermeer Bale Processor – BPX9010

This workhouse combines simplicity, durability, and versatility. Designed to meet the needs of those who want productivity and ease of operation, this all-around processor is ready to perform in a variety of applications. This bale processor distributes a consistent, uniform windrow of crop along the bunk line or out in the pasture. Spreading bedding with consistency and accuracy at ranges up to 50 ft. 

Free of welds or gussets at high stress points, the robust T-style tongue frame adds to the quality of the vertical bale lift system. This lift system is more efficient to load bales and reduces stress on the machine. The slat and chain bale rotation design feeds the bale consistently into the rotor reducing the need for reverse rotation. The offset rotor pulls material through for more consistent feeding and helps prevent uncontrolled fall-through from slowing down the machine. With the rotor cleaner attachment on the cut control bar, it can be set to the self-cleaning position to help reduce excessive net and twine on the rotor, or set to the manual clean position to help minimize the amount of net or twine mixed in the feed. The new toolless cut control bar design allows dual adjustments for increased aggression easily accessible from outside the machine. Ten different settings allow producers to be in control of processing speed and material size.

The BPX9010 bale processor simplifies the process for processing bales.

For more information check out the BPX9010 here or contact Weston at (402) 340-6594.

BPX9010 Bale Processor

Working Footage


Vermeer Carted Wheel Rakes – VR1224

The VR1224 wheel rake is exceptionally user friendly. All adjustments are easily made. The operator can adjust the rake width, as well as the windrow width, all without turning a wrench. The patented rubber torsion suspension system can be adjusted for heavier or lighter setting with no tools as well.  Works great for both round and square bales and allows flexibility if a smaller windrow is desired.

Be sure to enquire about the Center Sweep and Dual-Remote kit options! 

(Picture shown with Center Sweep option.)

For more information, check out the VR1224 here or contact Weston at (402) 340-6594.

Vermeer Trailed Mower – TM710

The TM710 pull-behind mowers offer simplicity. The hookup procedure is straightforward; after the hitch, PTO and hydraulics are connected it's ready to go to the field. Toolless adjustments allow users to set the suspension between fields. The Quick-Clip® blade retention system lives up to its name. Horsepower requirements are an average 20% lower than comparable 3-point disc mowers. Plus, narrow transport widths help you mow and go. The trail to better mowing starts here. 

For more information, check out the TM710 here or contact Weston at (402) 340-6594.

Small Trailed Mowers

Working Footage

Hooking Up

Vermeer Disc Mowers – M7050

Some say disc mowers are all the same, but it's the little things that make the difference. The M7050 disc mower has a cutting width of 9.2 ft and helps reduce the hassles associated with hooking up, running, and maintaining traditional 3-point disc mowers.

The time it takes to hook it up and go isn't the chore it used to be! The quick hitching hookup is a one-person job that takes just a few steps - then off to the field you go. That's where the renowned cutter bar comes into play - designed for high-cutting performance and maximized machine life. Maintenance is convenient with the Quick-Clip® blade retention system that lets you move, change, or turn blades in seconds. It's differences like these that make the Vermeer 50-series disc mowers stand out from the rest. This disc mower is on point!

For more information check out the M7050 here or contact Weston at (402) 340-6594.

Be sure to enquire about the Gnuse Hydraulic Powerlink Cylinder to adjust cutter bar pitch on the go!

Disc Mowers

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